On behalf of the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), GANSW is piloting a 12-month design review program through the NSW State Design Review Panel - NSW SDRP - which will demonstrate and test opportunities to lift the design quality of the built environment across the state. The NSW SDRP is being established to deliver the principles and ambitions of Better Placed and to provide a consistent, state-wide approach to reviewing the design quality of State Significant projects.

The NSW SDRP will comprise a pool of 25 independent and expert members who will be called upon to form panels with expertise in different types of development. We are looking for highly qualified professionals to be part of the panel who represent a variety of skills across design in the built environment, and a diversity of experience and insight.

The NSW SDRP will provide independent and impartial advice on the design quality of development proposals to inform the formal recommendations of GANSW to the proponents and to the Department of Planning and Environment’s assessment team.

By raising critical issues earlier in the development process, in formally structured sessions with key stakeholders present, the NSW SDRP will help proponents to make well-informed decisions about the design development of proposals. It will also help in coordinating and streamlining approval processes by providing confidence to the consent authority and assessing officers on the design quality, rigour and value of significant projects.

If you are interested in being a panel member, applications are open until 9 February 2018.

An information session will be held on Thursday 21 December at Tusculum, Potts Point. View the event details and registration.

You can read more about the NSW SDRP pilot program below

NSW State Design Review Panel Pilot Program Introduction - PDF, 2.6MB, 12 pages

Read the introduction brochure

NSW State Design Review Panel Pilot Frequently Asked Questions - PDF, 28.8KB, 2 pages

Download the FAQs

NSW State Design Review Panel Pilot Terms of Reference - PDF, 76.6KB, 4 pages

Read the terms of reference

State Design Review Panel briefing

If you missed the briefing on 2st December please watch the full briefing and Q&A below. Please note responses to questions following the briefing are also provided on the e-Tendering portal.