Design is a process of discovery, creativity and delivery. So in everything that GANSW does, there is an element of discovery, of creativity and of course delivery. There is also a strong commitment to advocating and supporting good design processes throughout the development of projects, and across our organisation.

Design processes occur through the entirety of a project from project inception to site planning, from concept design to construction and through to evaluation. Good design does not occur in isolation and NSW already has a variety of established mechanisms to support good design results such as Design Excellence Competitions and Design Review. While Design Excellence has become a well-recognised concept in NSW and internationally, currently there is no clear and overarching framework for design excellence processes in NSW.

To this end, the Government Architect is currently developing a design excellence framework, ‘Better Methods’, to support the delivery of better design processes. ‘Better Methods’ will describe the inter-related activities required to promote and deliver design excellence from the procurement of design services through to the merit-based assessment of development applications and post occupancy evaluation. Better Methods will be supported by a hierarchical suite of documents providing guidelines for design competitions, design review and procurement, along with how-to manuals on integrated processes such as master plans and more detailed practise notes on specific tasks that can support good design, such as brief writing.

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Government Architect's Prequalification Scheme

The Government Architect’s Strategy and Design Excellence Prequalification Scheme is focused on the delivery of strategic planning advice and design excellence, quality and innovation in the built environment.

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