GANSW has been working with the Central Coast Coordinator General to prepare an Urban Design and Implementation Framework (UDIF) for Gosford and a series of three urban design studies for key places within the city centre to support the ongoing revitalisation of the regional city of Gosford.

The Urban Design and Implementation Framework (UDIF) will help to shape the continued development and renewal of the Gosford City Centre and support implementation of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 vision for Gosford. Capitalising on government and private sector investment in Gosford and taking a place based approach will strengthen its role as the regional capital and benefit current and future residents of the entire Central Coast.

The UDIF will build on previous work, plans and strategies undertaken for Gosford City Centre by the NSW Government and the former Gosford City Council (now Central Coast Council), including the 2008 Our City, Our Destiny Masterplan and the 2007 Revitalising Gosford City Centre Plan.

The project reimagines the heart of Gosford into an attractive regional capital and a series of great well-connected places. A city centre and places that will attract more people to live work visit and invest in the centre.

The draft UDIF and the first of the urban design studies focused on the Civic Heart and Kibble Park were released on 9 April.

The final two draft reports for the City North and City South were released on 28 May.

Feedback on the final two reports are welcome via the GoGosford link below until 18 June. You can read the reports here:

You can provide feedback on the GoGosford website.