These three manuals, currently in development, will support and facilitate the implementation of Greener Places, the draft green infrastructure policy for urban areas in NSW:

Bushland and Waterways

Cities must protect and actively manage their remaining natural areas. This manual aims to improve the urban ecology of cities by providing a resource to maintain and create habitats supporting ecology in cities. This is more than just greening a city. It is about connecting people to nature, creating liveable, productive and sustainable cities.

Open Space for Recreation

The Open Space for Recreation Manual will identify strategies, performance criteria and performance indicators for the delivery of open space across NSW. Planning, designing, managing and maintaining open space is a crucial responsibility for any city. As we plan for future growth, access to high quality open space is increasingly important.

Urban Tree Canopy

This manual provides information on the importance of Urban Tree Canopy, its capacity to improve urban climate, ecosystem and human health. It also includes strategies and targets to preserve and enhance tree canopy cover in NSW.

These manuals are due for release in early 2018.