A well-designed built environment is;

  • healthy for all members of our communities, promoting physical activity, social cohesion, and community safety and security to support people’s wellbeing.
  • responsive to the needs and aspirations of local people, now and into the future, inviting use and habitation, interaction, productivity and enjoyment.
  • Integrated, so residents and visitors can move about freely between public domain, infrastructure, open space and buildings. Where homes, workplaces and recreational spaces contribute to vibrant, accessible and user-friendly, diverse and dynamic environments.
  • equitable by presenting opportunities for all segments of our community
  • resilient to the dynamic, challenging conditions of our time, to adapt and evolve while retaining essential qualities and values.

In places that reflect these qualities, each building, area or space:

Is a better fit within a rich and diverse environment, and contributes to the character and quality of place.

Performs better by existing in balance with natural systems and resources, supporting comfortable living and the natural benefits of air, light and views without detrimental environmental impacts.

Is better for the community, where all residents and visitors feel welcome, included and valued, and where the streets, open spaces and community buildings are inviting and accessible.

Is better for people because they are safe, comfortable and vibrant, supporting social interaction and enjoyable, healthy lifestyles.

Is better working by accommodating all activities and changes over time, where interventions create new use potentials, while retaining the embedded value in our built environment.

Delivers better value for investors, and in return are highly valued by community.

Reflects a better look and feel because they are refined, aesthetically considered and built to last, creating an engaging, rich and balanced experience for residents and visitors.

Places like this can be designed. We can support this positive vision for the future by investing in good design.

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