Good design makes better places

New development has the potential to transform quality of life for people, stimulate the economy and enhance the environment. The design of the built environment shapes the places where we live, work and meet. The quality of design affects how spaces and places function, how they integrate, what they contribute to the broader environment, and the users, inhabitants and audiences they support or attract.

Better Placed is a policy for our collective aspirations, needs and expectations in designing NSW. It is about enhancing all aspects of our urban environments, to create better places, spaces and buildings, and thereby better cities, towns and suburbs. To achieve this, good design needs to be at the centre of all development processes from the project definition to concept design and through to construction and maintenance.

Great places and cities don’t happen by chance: they are designed, and continue to be designed as we manage the transformation of our cities.

NSW is rapidly growing and changing, and our built environments must remain liveable, productive, healthy and sustainable. The rate of demographic, economic, environmental and social change is creating challenges for our built environment. Better Placed can assist in the creation of better places for the future heritage of NSW.

Design has a central role to play in resolving the complexity of the change we face. The decisions we make about our built environment today will define the heritage of our future – our legacy. The complexity of contemporary social, economic and environmental challenges calls for new modes of thinking, analysis and problem solving. Design thinking is key to this.

Better Placed is about enhancing the design quality of our built environment, raising expectations and raising standards, about working better and creating better environments.

To create great places for NSW, we need to elevate the role, importance and value of design, towards finding solutions to today’s pressing challenges that will benefit all our communities. In short, good design makes better places.

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Image Credit: GANSW

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